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A real work horse of a mat

Say goodbye to dirt and grime in your office, with the Iron-Horse mat.

This dust-control mat gives one of the toughest performances on the market, however it doesn't compromise on style by any stretch.

Available in a range of colours and sizes, these mats will help enhance the appearance of entrances in all sorts of office or commercial buildings.

The skid-resistant nitrile rubber backing ensures safety, while simultaneously resisting oil and grease.

Performance wise, the crush-resistant pile traps dirt in a highly effective fashion, and it's one of the best all round mats on the market.

  • Solution dyed fibres that won't fade
  • Slip-resistant rubber backing
  • Traps dirt and absorbs moisture from passing shoes
  • Machine wash
  • Tumble dry

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Please call for more details: 01 450 4599

Product Details

A washable dust control mat

The Iron-Horse might be considered the work horse of the matting world, but it's also renowned for its ability to spruce up any surroundings that it's placed within.

Yes, it's a robust mat that's efficient to deal with all the wear and footfall that's thrown at it, however it's also designed to bring out the best in office surroundings.

All in all, it really provides the best of both worlds!

Looks and functionality, what else could you ask for?

  • Function: Dust control mat for busy public entrance areas.
  • Application: Commercial or industrial use, indoor, store or public building entrance, factory, etc.
  • Construction: High-twist solution dyed nylon.
  • Backing: Professional quality, 100% nitrile, slip-resistant rubber.
  • Size Metric: 60 x 85 cm / 85 x 120 cm / 85 x 150 cm / 115 x 175 cm / 85 x 300 cm / 115 x 240 cm
  • Size Imperial: 24" x 33.5" / 33.5" x 47" / 33.5" x 59" / 45" x 69" / 33.5" x 118" / 45" x 94.5"
  • Cleaning: Fully machine washable at 60°C - developed for professional laundry service.
  • Guarantee: 11-Years guarantee against significant colour loss, plus 2-Year standard guarantee against manufacturing defects.

If you're after a mat that's as robust as it is pleasing on the eye, you'll struggle to do better than the Iron-Horse mat.

Pick one up today, and banish all sorts of grime from your home or office.

Please call for more details: 01 450 4599

give your floors the magic touch

give your floors the magic touch

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