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Reduce accidents by containing loose cables and highlighting potential tripping hazard

Loose cables are a safety hazard, especially in offices and production places. The Kable Mat was developed as a means to prevent such a hazard. It is easily put over loose cables as the specially developed recess on the bottom of the mat keeps all the wires and cables in place. Additionally, the high visibility borders highlight the hazard and provide a visual warning.

  • Cable tidy solution to reduce tripping accident in the workplace
  • Slip-resistant rubber backing with integrated cable run
  • Bright eye-catching border graphics to highlight potential hazard
  • Extremely durable nylon surface
  • Vacuum to clean
  • Made in Europe

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Please call for more details: 01 450 4599

Product Details

  • Function: Cable tidy solution for the workplace. Reduces potential trip accidents. Increases safety awareness.
  • Application: Indoor placement. Anywhere loose cables or wires present a possible trip hazard.
  • Construction: High-twist nylon surface. Integrated cable channel. Eye-catching edge graphics to highlight potential hazard.
  • Backing: Slip resistant rubber backing.
  • Size: 40 x 120 cm
  • Cleaning: Vacuum, Steam clean
  • Guarantee: 2 years

Please call for more details: 01 450 4599

give your floors the magic touch

give your floors the magic touch

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