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The anti-fatigue mat for office and industry.

Kleen-Komfort mats provide excellent traction and fatigue relief for your muscles and joints at the same time. The cushioned inner construction promotes excellent anti-fatigue properties and its surface texture and low profile edges convey a better grip and reduced risk of slip or trip accident in the workplace.

We have a range of surface types to choose from depending on your application; Soft, Office, Standard, Safety and Design.

All Kleen-Komfort mats contain a durable foam rubber core that provides excellent anti-fatigue support for muscles and joints.

  • Anti fatigue mat for many professional applications
  • Relief for muscles and joints
  • Cushioned for long standing comfort
  • Low profile edges
  • Made in Europe

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Please call for more details: 01 450 4599

Product Details

  • Function: Anti-fatigue.
  • Application: Industrial workstations and counters. Anywhere staff stand for long periods.
  • Construction: 100% nitrile rubber. Foam rubber centre.
  • Backing: Slip-resistant rubber
  • Sizes: 60 x 85 cm, 85 x 150 cm
  • Cleaning:
  • Guarantee:

Please call for more details: 01 450 4599

give your floors the magic touch

give your floors the magic touch

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